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New Game – Bringer of Brilliance

Instead of the regularly scheduled Atavism blog, today I bring a postmortem of the game I’ve just made for my college game jam.


Bringer of Brilliance is a First Person Action game that I and two friends made during the 2018 K-State 48-hour Annual Game Jam, a jam hosted by my own college where we competed against about 17 other teams to make a game with the theme “enLIGHTen”. Armed with more experience and ambition than 2017, the development process was smoother and more productive, but ultimately far more intensive, but resulted in a good end product that won 3rd best overall. Download Link.

If you want to check out a more detailed description of it’s production, check out my postmortem here on my portfolio. Leaving that there, I’ll get back to work on Atavism and should have something to show on next week’s blog relating to the game.


Blog Blog Post


This post signifies the official birth of Armchair Factory’s website. We’re a team of college lads who are into making video games, and while the site is run by me and host to my portfolio, you can find all sorts of information about our team and what we’re working on within this domain.

If you are a friend, casual follower, or just passing through, you can check out the blog to get updates on the studio, whatever project we’re working on, and maybe the occasional thought piece or short story. I don’t currently know how often I’m gonna update project progress, but I’ll probably start doing bi-weekly or monthly updates once we get past pre-production on a project, maybe more often if there’s stuff to talk about.

If you’re curious about what I’ve worked on in the past, there’s a Portfolio, which contains various significant things I’ve worked on in the past – you can read about my thoughts on them and browse some pictures if you so choose. The About page has, for now, just some light information about me and my affiliates, and if you want to contact me, check out the Contact page.

I hope whatever I post in the future is fun or interesting to read and that I’m not too long between posting anything to make it worth coming to every now and then – I’d also like to maintain that the content you get linked on your visit here to is worth your time. As for what to expect next, right now we’re in pre-production on a new Unity project, so hopefully I’ll have stuff to show soon.