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Spell of Content Creation

Instructions: An old and powerful spell. Chant while stirring the digital pot. Modify only with extreme care.

Dear Computer,

Please generate –

an Open World Survival Crafting Game,


Masterpiece Mechanics


Thrilling Gameplay,

and a Cozy Hub.

Let it have

Satisfying Guns

like Doom Eternal,

and powerful upgrade mechanics,

like Vampire Survivors,

but with combat like Dark Souls.

Let it look Gorgeous,

in the style of


but more Realistic.

Let it have

Epic Scale

and a

Heartwrenching, Masterpiece story

with a

Sympathetic Villain


Flawed Hot Female Protagonist.

Tell it with Cutcenes that are cool,

in the style of Resident Evil 4,

with writing

like Bioshock Infinite.


make it Big.

So that it takes

100 hours

to finish.

And make the first 2 hours

Enticing and Action-Packed.

And please put it on Steam,

with Gifs

and Tags


funny achievements.

Market it

Cheap and Effectively

on Tiktok, Reddit, and Twitter.