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Atavism Dev Log 7 – Midterms vs. Modeling

Week 7: February 11-17

Hey so this week is gonna be pretty short but I’ll find something to talk about nonetheless.

And Then Everything Happened At Once


So after the gamejam I was ready to take it slow and recover from the immense fatigue, but on top of that was just an incredibly busy week with another one following this. I’ve got a really busy schedule this semester and it’s the first midterm season, so I’ve got several projects and four tests for the week of the 18th, meaning I’ve been busy working on those in almost all of my free time. I don’t like when everything cascades down like this but it makes the inbetween weeks a little more free, so after this hurdle things should easy out a little.

Does this mean I have nothing to show? It means I have a lot less, but above you can see a WIP of the tribesman model, which is what I’ve been dedicating my time to. For the demo day, as I’ve previously stated, there’ll at least be two types of tribal enemies roaming around and this is the one armed with a knife. He’s got a little pelt scarf, some pants, and he’s gonna get some very basic texturing after I finish up the detail and before I hop into animation. I’m gonna try to have him detail-done and rigged by next week’s blog, which at then point I’ll scratch my chin and wonder how “placeholder” the animation should be and probably end up trying to make them look real nice anyways.


I’ve been listening to¬†Toccata and Fugue in D Minor¬†recently while I work. It starts out and you immediately recognize it as “The Dracula Music” but it’s got of that organ-style complexion to it too when it gets all Fugue on you. It builds a really dark melody on itself that makes for a rather holy-feeling midsection with a strong ending that harkens back to the start. Would recommend giving it a listen, and if you have an organ nearby, I’d recommend playing it because it’s really got a full substance that can fill a room like nothing else.

Anyway, until next time, when I hopefully have more substance to show.



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