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Ecology Review – Elden Ring

When making art, humans pull from what they know, reaching into what they have studied and experienced. When these experiences are always fleeting, what comes out? I think a lot of games lack in how they represent the natural world (among other things), possibly because making landscapes is a requirement and not a passion for…



August 2019 – Present

Disharmony is a dynamic game about subverting an expansive and hierarchical forest-harvesting colony. The player embodies a fungal entity disturbed by their instruments.

I hope to capture this poetry in motion, rather than words.

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Selected Writings

Halo: Infinite Ecology Review

Growth and Regrowth: 2-Year Dev Retro – Well-aged reflection on the process of reinventing a game as you make it.

Mac and Cheese Horror – Spitballing about plastic.

Why Do We Need More Systemic Games? – A manifesto written for college. Dry, but earnest.

Student Projects

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